Olive Wood Meat Hammer With Handle.

Meat Hammer with the handle out of olive wood /woodenware.

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Absolutely beautiful olive wood Meat Hammer With Handle, Handmade / hand-crafted in a natural shape and edge, typical Mediterranean design.

Rustic Meat Hammer /Meat Hammer Natural Look /Kitchen Decoration / Kitchen Ware / Natural Olive Wood Hand-made Meat Hammer.

Meat Hammer with the handle out of olive wood /woodenware.

These hand-made pieces are carved out of a single piece of olive wood. As such they are rare as well as being unique, beautiful, and durable.

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Size: L= 25cm (9.8″).

Diameter= 6 (2.3″).


Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 25 × 6 cm

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  • The photo is just a sample, not the actual item you will receive .each item is one of kind
  • shape, grain, texture, and color can vary slightly as each piece is natural and unique.
  • Sizes , variations : 5 – 7,5 % .as wood trees is irregular.
  • Weights are approximatifs
  • hand washes only with lukewarm and light soapy water ,. Dry immediately.
  • All do not put in the dishwasher.
  • don’t leave soaking in water.
  • do not expose to heat or sunshine.
  • Polish occasionally with food-safe oil: peanut, sunflower, or olive oil, and then wipe it off with a nonlinting dry cloth to maintain their luster and deep coloring.

Olive wood will last not only a lifetime but for generations if properly cared for.


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