Olive Wood Fruit Basket / Olive Wood Fruit Boals

  • A stunning olive wood fruit bowl

    An olive wood bowl with a handle (shaped like a basket) is great as a fruit bowl or breadbasket, or just as a centerpiece for your table.
    This gorgeous, unique olive wood bowl with handle is Carved out of a single piece of aged solid olive wood this olivewood basket really is something special and unique!
    Each one is unique, we have different shapes of the olive wood baskets with different sizes and numbers of handles, no two are the same.
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Absolutely beautiful olive-wood Fruit Basket / Olive Wood Fruit Boals, hand-crafted in a natural shape and edge, typical Mediterranean design

Fruit Basket / Olive Wood Fruit Boals /Kitchen Decoration / Kitchen Ware / Natural Olive Wood Hand-made Big basket/ Fruit box with handle. /Fruit cup .

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20 cm (7,9 inchs), 25 cm (9,8 inchs), 30 cm (11,8 inchs), 35 cm (13,8 inchs)

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  • The photo is just a sample, not the actual item you will receive .each item is one of kind
  • shape, grain, texture, and color can vary slightly as each piece is natural and unique.
  • Sizes , variations : 5 – 7,5 % .as wood trees is irregular.
  • Weights are approximatifs
  • hand washes only with lukewarm and light soapy water ,. Dry immediately.
  • All do not put in the dishwasher.
  • don’t leave soaking in water.
  • do not expose to heat or sunshine.
  • Polish occasionally with food-safe oil: peanut, sunflower, or olive oil, and then wipe it off with a nonlinting dry cloth to maintain their luster and deep coloring.

Olive wood will last not only a lifetime but for generations if properly cared for.


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