Cancellation and Return Conditions:

Delivery, Exchange / Return:

    We will ship each order to the address specified by the customer:

☛ To Europe within 10 to 15 working days, from the day of validation of the order.

☛ For the other continents, the deadlines are likely to vary between 2 and 4 working weeks, according to the more or less distant destination of the customer, also, from the day of the validation of the order.

☛ In this context, our partners responsible for delivery (non-exhaustive list): La Poste, DHL ..

☛ Shipping costs include packaginghandling and postage as well as the means of transport that defeat either Air Transport which has a deadline of one working week or a maritime transport which has a deadline of 30 working days. They can contain a fixed part and a variable part depending on the price or the weight of your order.

☛ We advise you to group your purchases into a single order. We cannot group two separate orders and you will have to pay the shipping costs for each of them.

☛ Your package is shipped at your own risk, special care is taken for packages containing fragile products.
☛ The goods always travel at your own risk. You must check the condition of the goods on arrival of the package and you have 48 hours to make any reservations with the carrier in the event of missing or damaged items.

☛ If, following an error on our part, our customer service would contact you to inform you and You would be reimbursed.