Who are we ?

ūüĆ≥ Our Company ‘RUSTICOLIVE’ is designed to provide a place where you can get ecological products made from olive wood alternative to toxic and polluting products for your daily life to promote a healthier way of living for you, your family and the generations futures.

ūüĆ≥ By force, the olive tree is renowned for its very compact, very heavy and very hard wood. Hercules’ clubs are made of olive wood, and it is with an olive wood stake that Ulysses defeats the Cyclops in the Odyssey. Olive wood is not only beautiful, it is also very practical.

ūüĆ≥ Due to its natural oil content, it kills bacteria and is therefore more hygienic for food than other wood or plastic products.

ūüĆ≥ Our range of products includes many handcrafted decorative elements made of olive wood (cans, vases, ashtrays, chessboards, candlesticks, bottle holders, saucers, cups, etc.) and kitchen items (pestles and mortars, bowls and plates , fruit bowls, spatulas, ladles, spoons and forks, salad spoons, rolling pin, honey spoons, cutting boards, paper towel holder, kitchen utensils).

ūüĆ≥ All of our products are handmade with 100% Tunisian olive wood, which is one of the most beautiful, rare and expensive woods in the world. With 100% manual labor, we are able to adapt sizes, widths and models as needed. We offer natural and very original designs.

 Made in : Tunisia

Hand made : each product  is handcrafted by skilled artisans   from single piece of hight quality wood and is a unique and wonderful  piece of art  . really pearls .

Materials : Рnatural and exotic Mediterranean  olive wood derived from our olive trees fields of the tunisia sahel region , in the north African  roman province thysdrus ( El jem) , all around the famous roman amphitheater .

  • Olive trees can live thousands of years , up to 3000 years . we use just the wood harvested from olive trees which don‚Äôt give olives any one.
  • Coating and finish : treatment ¬†with pure vegetable ¬†oil mixed with beeswax¬† , no glues
  • Our olive wood is very precious .it is properly and carefully dried out so it won‚Äôt crack or bend over the time .
  • Olive wood is the most noble wood in the world . it is rare, very hard and strong¬† &¬† hygienic and anti- bacterial as it contains lignine and tannique acid .

– it is also non porous so no germs or odor are retained .

  • Skin friend.
  • All our products are food safe .

Shipping country : Tunisia . . we deliver for all the world


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100% organic olive wood

all our products are made with organic olive wood.

100% Handmade

Handmade olive wood gifts & accessories